photo of cows and ocean view

Our Mission

We support nature conservation, restoration, and education on the Gaviota Coast by working with landowners, public agencies, and other non-profit organizations.

Conservation We help raise money to support the California Rangeland Trust and the Land Trust for Santa Barbara County in their efforts to conserve ranches and farms on the Gaviota Coast.

Restoration – We fund a wide variety of projects that restore natural habitat, ranging from installation of off-stream cattle watering troughs and removal of non-native invasive plants to restoration of the entire Gaviota Creek watershed.

Education – We believe education is an important aspect of an overall conservation strategy. We currently support the Kids in Nature program, operated by the Cheadle Center for Biodiversity and Ecological Education at UCSB, and the Tide Pool School, operated by the Hollister Ranch Conservancy.

Funding Strategy
Our funding strategy is to try and make a little money go a long way. We do this by keeping our overhead expenses low and looking for opportunities to provide matching funds in partnership with grant funding. This can help make local projects more attractive to the agencies and foundations that have to choose from many projects competing for their funds. This helps ensure that each dollar you donate will have an impact on the Gaviota Coast environment.